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Jeanne and Louise will accompany you in your evolution and
the achievement of your goal.

Discover their backgrounds and their fields of expertise!



Jeanne is a state-qualified fitness instructor and has been a professional handball player for several years, playing in the Paris Saint Germain Team along with others. She has a deep understanding of the principles of physical training and of how to design and implement effective fitness programs for individuals at different levels of ability.


Jeanne strives towards utilizing her sports knowledge and expertise to help you start, restart, and maintain your fitness activity and achieve your desired weight goals; she will accompany you in an individualized program that will add sense to your physical training.


With the inputs and resources, she has, you can be sure of her ability to improve your physical and mental abilities.


So… if you are looking for well-being and wholeness, don't hesitate, she’s your ideal coach!



Louise is a state-qualified physical trainer specializing in the optimization of sports performance and rehabilitation.


Her diverse experiences, acquired with professionals, allows her to guide you in whatever discipline you’re in. Be assertive that she will prepare you under individualized conditions for your next sporting or professional event.


In case of injury or physical pain, Louise will be at your disposal to help you regain 100% of your physical abilities.


So, to be confident, get ready!

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