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How does the first session / evaluation session work?

The evaluation session lasts 1 hour. It takes place at home or outside.

Your coach will do a series of physical tests to assess your physical condition.

This session is necessary to start an adapted coaching and to ensure your physical integrity during the physical activity.

Where do the trainings take place ?


Coaching sessions take place at home, outside (partners venues, park, beach...) or at the gym.

Don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram to get more details on the locations of the group trainings as well.

Do I need any sports equipment?


No equipment is required. Your coaches have all the necessary equipment for the sessions to run smoothly.

I am pregnant or postpartum, can I start coaching?


Everybody is different, that's why we treat each case specifically.

We rely on health professionals to evaluate and measure the physical condition of each person, especially in cases of pregnancy.

A medical certification from the gynecologist is mandatory before starting the coaching.

I haven't done any sports for a long time, can I come to the group

coaching sessions?


Group coaching is open to everyone. Your coaches are present and attentive to any need for adaptation during the small group sessions. However, as a preventive and benevolent measure, we recommend in some cases to subscribe to a 10-session package before starting the group classes. These personalized coaching sessions will allow you to resume in the best possible conditions.

I have medical contraindications, can you adapt the sessions?


Each session is adapted to your physical condition, so any medical contraindication is considered before, during, and after individual coaching.


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